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      International pocket WiFi with Vision Global WiFi allows you to use the internet on your smartphone, tablet, etc without the hassle of setup. Simply enter the password into your device, and you're set. Access the internet as usual without incurring expensive fees overseas.


      Our international WiFi hotspot rental service covers over 130 countries / area at a fixed rate. It is great for short and long term stays abroad and doesn't require any long term contracts. It is the best international WiFi hotspot choice for anybody!

      • UP TO 10 DEVICES

        Share your connection with up to 10 devices simultaneously


        Avoid expensive and unpredictable roaming charges with pre-calculated rates


        Our trusted services are competitive in every country

      • SECURE

        Take control of your data with your dedicated WiFi network


        The WiFi router will be delivered to you prior to your departure. Returning is hassle-free with our prepaid, pre-addresed envelopes

      • EASY SET UP

        Accessing the internet is as easy as turning on the device and entering the password!


      Popular countries:

      In addition to Europe and
      Asia it corresponds to more than
      130 countries
      around the world.
      For US domestic services click here.

      PLANS Pricing example

      • Regular
        rental plan
        $5 /day

        For a single country, only pay for your travel period - Vision Global WiFi's low daily rates keep you connected wherever you go.

      • Long-term
        rental plan
        $50 /Up to 30 days

        Enjoy a flat rate if traveling beyond 10 days, and discounted rates if traveling more than 30 days.

      • Multi-Countries
        in Europe
        $7.50 /day

        Multi-country plans offer seamless coverage in Europe, around the globe and corresponding discounted plans across multiple countries.



      Vision Global WiFi rentals offers portable WiFi router for international use.

      • Web Search – Search for Restaurants, Shopping, Hotels, Tourism Spots etc.

      • Apps – Google Maps, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, E-mail, Translation, Games, YouTube, Netflix, etc.

      • Share with friends and family.

      • The fast, stable connection allows you to stay in touch with loved ones via Skype, Hangout, WhatsApp, and more.



      Our services are trusted by travelers around the world.

      • M Mexico

        Before I learned of Vision Global WiFi, I use to spend so much time looking for a free hotspot but now that they provide a global WiFi hotspot no matter where I go in the world I can get connected internationally. I can even use WiFi calling internationally with no extra charge!

      • K Korea

        Used in Seoul, South Korea. I was able to use it without any issue throughout the whole area, and the battery lasted for more than 6 hours, so we could stay connected to internet. This was very helpful in an unfamiliar country. Also felt that the price was quite reasonable!

      • C China

        We visited Huanglong through Chengdu, and I was surprised that I was connected in almost all of the locations despite being in the countryside. I used iPhone to receive company emails and had no particular problem. Firewall in China stopped me from using Facebook, twitter, YouTube. Because I had an iPhone with an external battery and kept the WiFi device charged I could use it all day.

      • I India

        This was perfect for staying in contact with everyone that went on our trip. There were four of us and we used 2 devices, 1 for each pair. This was awesome! Don't forget your international WiFi hotspot when you travel internationally!

      • P Philippines

        I was in the Philippines, In Cebu I had no problem connecting in Mactan Island, but in Cebu City it was a little slow because the internet was congested.

      • H Hong Kong

        I was connected to 4G in Hong Kong, I am very satisfied because I could use it as if I were in the United States without worrying about connection and speed. One thing though, the pouch containing the router is bulky, it would be nice if it was a little smaller. But even with the minor pouch issue, I was very satisfied.

      • T Thailand

        I stayed in Thailand's Krabi Province, the connection was supposed to be weak in Railay Beach area which is an isolated island but there was not any problem. I also island hopped to Tap Island and Poda Island, but I was surprised that I had no problem with the connection even on a boat. Will definitely rent again for my trip to China.

      • I Ireland

        Great that I didn't have to setup anything!

      • T Taiwan

        I used the service in Taiwan. Had no problem at all, even in Taipei city as well as in remote areas such as Jiufen. It was very convenient to use. Battery life was great, even when I had it on the whole day. I had accidently lost the USB cable. It seems that you can purchase the ""insurance"" to compensate for the lost item, next time I will consider it just in case!

      • C Columbia

        I will never go back to using international roaming after using Global WiFi rental. It's the best international WiFi hostpot rental because it was cheap and I could connect all my devices. Perfect for business trips.

      • A Australia

        Since I found about Vision Global WiFi, I always rent one when I travel. This time i rented one for Sydney, Australia. I was able to use the internet very comfortably. Thank you very much. Regarding the other services mentioned above, is there a long-term discount or someone who has a long stay?

      • S Singapore

        I used two iPhones with my husband in Singapore to connect, and it was never too slow or difficult to connect. It was the first time renting, I have never used on my previous trips, the trip was better due to WiFi and I would like to use it again.

      • V Vietnam

        I used it in Hanoi. In the suburbs and near the Halong Bay, it was occasionally only 2G and 3G speed. I had my portable battery, so there is no particular problem with the battery life.

      • G Germany

        I was surprised that this WiFi was faster than the internet in the hotel. Perfect for business travels.

      • S Spain

        I went to the countryside in the Andalusian region of Spain but I had connection without problem. I could arrive to the hotel without getting lost by navigating with Google map. Also, at a shop in Parc Guell in Barcelona, my friend's bag was stolen. With the device, he was able to suspend the credit card quickly by VoIP with my family. Next time, I will be renting again when I go to Spain.

      • I Indonesia

        This time I did not go to the mountains and other places in Bali, Indonesia, I used it in the city. It was often difficult to connect while traveling by car (because the country mostly offers 2G to 3G speed). It was a big problem because I only used a little, such as work e-mail, and because we had an accident at the destination where our friend got lost, WiFi was very useful at that time.

      • M Malaysia

        I was able to be used to some extent comfortably on top of the 3000m mountains in Malaysia, communication speed was often slow in Malaysia.

      1(424) 219-9224 (9a.m. - 6p.m. PT Business Days)
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