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      With our international SIM cards,
      stay connected wherever you go.


      We have the best international data SIM cards for Europe, Asia, North America, and the Oceania. We offer the best sim cards for international travel.

      Traveling alone? Don't want to carry many devices or just want to save money? Global SIM cards are an affordable way to get connected. All you need is an unlocked device! Use our international sim card for iphones, android and other compatible devices. With just a few minutes of set up, you can get connected with our international data SIM card.


        • Available where you need it. Services offered in over 130 countries and regions around the world.
      • FLEXIBLE
        • Perfect for all needs. Available for 1 day or long term rentals.
        • Short stay, study abroad, business trips, working holidays, etc. we support it all.
        • No contract necessary! Flexible plans based off of your travel plans.
        • Bypass high roaming charges! Activation and recharge are made easy with a simple form!
      • LOW-COST
        • No long-term contracts. Only pay for YOUR travel days.
        • Our global data SIM cards are competitively priced against other providers to give you the best prices.


      Prices vary depending on the country and number of days you want to purchase. For more information about our global prepaid SIM card, please visit our site.

      SIM Long term discount
      $25.99 /7days
      Free Shipping
      No Activation Fee

      IT'S EASY TO

      • RESERVE

        Visit our website and choose the SIM that covers your destination country.


        Pay via credit card and wait for your sim to reach your residence.

      • ACTIVATE

        Follow the activation procedure and enjoy!


      Need support? Contact us at any time!
      TEL : 1(424) 219-9224 (9a.m. - 6p.m. PT Business Days)
      MAIL : support@www.i-mio.com
      or via our Facebook or Twitter page!



      • Web Search – Search for Restaurants, Shopping, Hotels, Tourism Spots etc.

      • Apps – Google Maps, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, E-mail, Translation, Games, YouTube, Netflix, etc.

      • Feel free empty-handed.

      • The fast, stable connection allows you to stay in touch with loved ones via Skype, Hangout, WhatsApp, and more.


      • J Jamari H.

        One of the cheapest international SIM card for data I found online. SIM was cheap and came fast so I was satisfied!

      • M Memphis F.

        Since I can do everything from buying the SIM card and recharging it in the same place I really trust that everything is getting activated properly. One stop shopping for global data SIM card.

      • S Sam D.

        I was scared the setup would be difficult but the staff was kinda enough to go through the process with me. It was a great international SIM card for my iPhone 6. Thank you so much!

      • A Alexis R.

        I usually get a pocket wifi when I go abroad but since I was traveling by myself this time I decided to go with an international SIM card. No problems at all!



      Will the SIM card fit in my phone? What size does your product come with?

      All of our SIM card comes with triple-cut (3-in-1) SIM card (standard, micro and nano SIM) or come with a free adaptor.

      I have a carrier locked phone. Will the SIM card work in my phone? What type of phone do I have to have?

      Our SIM card works with almost any unlocked GSM tri-band or quad-band cell phones. However, you must have unlocked phone to enjoy our service outside of USA. For T-Mobile SIM card, you must have a T-Mobile certified phone or unlocked phone.

      I am worried that my phone is not unlocked. How do I check if my phone is unlocked?

      Contact your wireless provider and ask if your phone is unlocked. Another way is to check is to borrow a SIM card from anybody who has a different mobile service provider. Power up the phone and if it works, your phone is unlocked.

      When the service is terminated, how do I recharge the SIM card? Can I charge it myself?

      For our T-Mobile SIM card, purchase our "recharge" items. For the SIM card outside of USA, please check the description to see if it can be recharged.

      I received my SIM card. How do I activate my SIM card?

      T-Mobile SIM:
      You must request your activation on our website, if there is no specific data that you want to activate, we will activate within 24 hours.

      International SIM card:
      Different type of SIM cards has different process to activate, please refer to the instruction included in the package.


      Is there any activation fee or cancellation fee?

      There is no activation fee; however, once the SIM card has been shipped, you cannot cancel the order.

      Can I use the SIM card in WiFi hotspot devices? If so, what type of band width do I need?

      Unfortunately, our SIM cards can only be used with cell phones. It will not work with WiFi hospot (MiFi).

      What do I do if I have an issue with the SIM card?

      Please call us by any of the following method:
      - BY PHONE: +1-424-219-9224
      - BY EMAIL: support@www.i-mio.com
      - BY FACEBOOK: @visionglobalwifi

      Is the T-Mobile SIM card pay as you go?

      The T-Mobile sim kitis apay as you go unlimited data accessin USA which includes great rates for call and text. To ensure that you keep the same number we initially provided, you must purchase the recharge and contact us at least 48 hours prior to the last day of usage. We are still able to recharge after; however, we cannot guarantee that you keep the same number if it is requested within 48 hours.

      Can I make international calls?

      None of our SIM card offers international calls.

      How fast is the speed?

      Depending on the country you are traveling to, the speed could be between 2G to 4G speed. We support 4G or 3G in principle, but in the areas such as outside of metropolitan area, suburbs, mountains, ocean etc, the internet speed may be affected. Also, it could be affected by the local signal, the country's frequency, and/or surrounding environment. In this case, you may temporarily or continuously receive 2G or 3G signals.

      What types of payment do you take?

      We only take credit card payment made on our website. No other payment is accepted.

      I do not own any unlocked phone. Do you sell unlocked phone to use with the SIM card?

      Unfortunately, we currently do not sell unlocked phones. You can purchase it online or any of the local stores.

      Can I use hotspot function on my phone to share the data with other people?

      Only our T-Mobile SIM card offers unlimited hotspot capability at 3G speed in USA. Please note that depending on how many devices you share the hotspot with, it could affect the speed of connection.

      Do I need to sign a separate contract with a provider?

      No, you do not. You only have to agree with the terms of use with Vision Global WiFi to use our services. All SIM cards have been purchased from the authorized reseller and they are all preloaded with plans.

      1(424) 219-9224 (9a.m. - 6p.m. PT Business Days)
      阜宁| 霞云岭| 青州| 赫山区| 高淳| 准格尔旗| 吴川| 金湖| 楚雄| 嫩江| 大同县| 新民| 万盛| 华亭| 索伦| 叙永| 邓州| 海力素| 弋阳| 大名| 确山| 上海| 新密| 大竹| 泸水| 通河| 吉水| 桐柏| 连城| 泾县| 商丘| 雄县| 潮阳| 玛多| 柳林| 汨罗| 伊金霍洛旗| 水城| 离石| 黄山站| 西林| 金堂| 河南| 乐业| 斋堂| 富阳| 宜城| 海晏| 阿克苏| 木兰| 永川| 福泉| 石炭井| 西林| 久治| 永安| 蓟县| 田东| 贵港| 万全| 岷县| 临淄| 青铜峡| 介休| 中阳| 昆明| 犍为| 新野| 海兴| 丹寨| 拉萨| 五原| 河曲| 睢县| 溧水| 普兰| 襄阳| 界首| 景洪| 讷河| 抚州| 永顺| 仙居| 隆子| 太原| 富宁| 赤壁| 崇明| 肥城| 斋堂| 杭锦旗| 东胜| 多伦| 哈巴河| 繁昌| 瓦房店| 冷水江| 吴县东山| 勐腊| 崇左| 嵊泗| 太仓| 根河| 芦山| 丹江口| 唐山| 婺源| 桂平| 黄龙| 遵义县| 闵行| 塔河| 农安| 陵县| 靖宇| 阜新| 杭锦后旗| 舍伯吐| 雷波| 福州郊区| 汝南| 两当| 辽中| 阿瓦提| 兴文| 开县| 洛宁| 霍邱| 仁怀| 乡城| 漠河| 高要| 镇雄| 马公| 丰城| 莎车| 巴仑台| 石拐| 灵寿| 南安| 雅布赖| 科尔沁左翼中旗| 都匀| 小渠子| 永丰| 通海| 八达岭| 灵邱| 盖州| 十三间房气象站| 仙桃| 增城| 墨江| 福泉| 郸城| 太原| 罗子沟| 米林| 吐鲁番东坎| 巫溪| 马鬃山| 简阳| 皮山| 崇义| 内江| 罗定| 陈巴尔虎旗| 建平县| 常州| 宣城| 丰县| 班玛| 木垒| 蒙山| 鄂尔多斯| 那日图| 柏乡| 和林格尔| 南溪| 乐都| 大勐龙| 盐源| 永年| 巨野| 永兴| 天峻| 芜湖| 泸溪| 福安| 温江| 泸县| 灵武| 同心| 乌拉特后旗| 寿宁| 格尔木| 姜堰| 太原北郊| 台北市| 长子| 台州| 崂山| 沈阳| 吴桥| 富县| 民乐| 贵溪| 威远| 新建| 郑州| 薛城| 顺平| 桂平| 歙县| 胶州| 富裕| 明溪| 石家庄| 阳泉| 雅江| 通化| 东至| 增城| 翁牛特旗| 兴海| 甘德| 刚察| 滨州| 汾阳| 辉南| 双鸭山| 吉县| 平原| 海伦| 吴江| 伊通| 漳县| 青川| 福海| 沙塘| 眉县| 剑川| 宜良| 乐东| 普兰| 天山大西沟| 鄂托克前旗| 炎陵| 峨边| 蕉岭| 江夏| 寿光| 普洱| 茌平| 富裕| 阿合奇| 胶州| 醴陵| 朝克乌拉| 瑞安| 大新| 新林| 杭锦旗| 嘉禾| 剑阁| 柳河| 曲靖| 五营| 和平| 清远| 从江| 滁州| 江孜| 砚山| 玉树| 大足| 和田| 宣威| 祁县| 寿宁| 金川| 蓟县| 岗子| 那仁宝力格| 师宗| 兰坪| 双江| 英德| 桃源| 泉州| 吐鲁番| 永丰| 班戈| 丰都| 新干| 望奎| 蒙城| 金州| 木里| 丰镇| 成山头| 通化| 邹平| 六枝| 理塘| 龙山| 会理| 海盐| 崇义| 青铜峡| 资阳| 郑州| 乌审召| 乌审旗| 鹤山| 靖远| 贺州| 大冶| 洮南| 泽普| 常德| 梓潼| 巴仑台| 从江| 文昌| 宁津| 阿克苏| 丹东| 景洪电站| 七台河| 本溪县| 易县| 什邡| 固始| 宜昌| 呼伦贝尔| 汉沽| 察尔汉| 鄄城| 井冈山| 古县| 六合| 濉溪| 惠州| 勐腊| 桓仁| 忠县| 信都| 隆安| 屏南| 阜宁| 磁县| 梁平| 平阳| 盂县| 眉山| 闻喜| 安龙| 温州| 太原| 东至| 汉源| 梅河口| 策勒| 巴中| 珠海| 丹东| 三亚| 涪陵| 融安| 会同| 京山| 南宫| 大武| 祁门| 和顺| 剑阁| 巨鹿| 多伦| 麻黄山| 莱州| 宣城| 小金| 公馆| 新洲| 道孚| 彭县| 靖州| 当涂| 博乐| 台儿庄| 宣化| 浦东| 嵊州| 蒙阴| 仁化| 中阳| 宿迁| 盐亭| 建平县